Commission of rainfrogs's and centipeent's GW2 characters bein' cute.

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I filmed this in slow motion last year (before I knew better). I tossed bread up in the air at the park. This causes gulls to fly in a flock above you and swoop to catch each piece. It’s great fun. Sometimes they miss.

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Second appeals court strike down same-sex marriage ban

(Photo: Zach Gibson / Getty Images)

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals said Virginia’s laws “impermissibly infringe on its citizens’ fundamental right to marry.”

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sunflower field, Yoshiki Fujiwara

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AKA: A Comprehensive Argument as to Why I Hate Cesar Millan:


Every one of Cesar Millan’s clients and fans has two things in common: they love their dogs and they don’t know the first thing about training them. An untrained dog in a household can be a burden and a pain, or even dangerous, depending on the dog. It’s only natural for these people to want to seek help for their problems so they can live in harmony with their pets. But Cesar himself poses an even greater danger to these unsuspecting clients and fans: bad training advice. 

There are many reasons why his show would be appealing to those unfamiliar with animal behavior as a science. He’s charismatic, he exudes confidence, he always knows just what to do in any hairy situation, and most importantly, he solves problems quickly – which is exactly what fans and owners who don’t want to take the time and effort to train their dogs in the first place want – a quick fix. To the untrained eye, Cesar’s TV program might seem like a doggy miracle hour – out-of-control dogs with atrocious behavior problems turn into loving, obedient pets, all in the course of an hour. Clients are stunned! How on Earth does he do it?!

Anyone with a trained eye can tell you: he cheats.

Please give the full article a read. And don’t watch The Dog Whisperer.

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when you see your notp on your dash

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